Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Boy Room: Source List

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Hello there!  Yesterday I posted our Big Boy Room Reveal! As promised, here is the source list.

I want to take a moment to say that one of the biggest inspirations for this project was Sarah, the Thrifty Decor Chick.  Check out her big boy room here! When I saw this my heart skipped a beat and I knew I wanted dark blue walls and white board and batten.

I knew we wanted to focus on my son's likes, which happens to be planes, trains, trucks, cars, boats and well, anything that "goes".

Here's the list of where we got the goods:

Airplane Frame: Hobby Lobby

Used a 40% off coupon

Fire Truck Frame: Hobby Lobby

Used 40% off coupon

Wall Subway Art: I Love It All with Monika Wright (Etsy)
White Frame (door opens to change out art work): Target

This and the "Be Kind" print
was a free sample given with
my purchase.

Large Blue "Art" Storage Box: Pottery Barn Kids
Small red and white boxes: Joanns

Top: Pottery Barn storage box (navy)
Bottom: Joann's Boxes (red/white)

Custom Wooden Name Blocks: The Haute Shoppe (Etsy)

I chose planes in red and blue with white font.

16x16 Silver Frame: Walmart

I glued them to their white insert and
put them in Wal-Mart frames. 

 Transportation Rug: Lil Momeni

Purchased on sale through

America the Beautiful Wall Art: Target

Can't find a link for this!

Circo Mason Bookcase (blue): Target

Can't find a link for this. 
I got it on clearance, I don't think it's
available any longer.

I linked to the white version,
can't find the link for cherry.
I noticed one color will be out
of stock, while another is
available, it changes back
and forth often between what
is available and what is not.

Large came in 2 pack
Medium came in 3 pack

Circo Transportation Lamp: Target

Got this baby on clearance for less than $18!
Can no longer find the link to this line.

Circo Transportation Bedding: Target

Got the sheets, comforter and sham on MAJOR sale!
The sheets were less than $13, comforter/sham about $35.
Can no longer find the link to this line.

Red Pillow:  Target
Airplane Pillow: KMart
White Pillows:  Hand Made
Large Sham: came with comforter from Target

Yellow Airplane: Hobby Lobby
Books: Goodwill

Used 40% off coupon!

Got it on cclearance: $11

Mirror with White Frame:  Target
Rustic Wooden Box: Fred Meyer's

Mirror: $6
Box: On sale for $6


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