Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Using a Scarf to Hide Purse Clutter

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I confess, I am a teensy bit obsessed with hand bags and purses.  I love big bags, although I find the larger the bag, the more stuff I tend to throw in it.  I know I'm not the only one, right? {hopeful eyebrows} Right?

It seems like on a regular basis I find myself wondering why my shoulder is killing me and it dawns on me it could possibly be the 20 pounds of purse I have flung over it.  Doesn't everyone need 2 water bottles, 6 packs of gum, 20 leaking pens, an industrial-sized bottle of hand sanitizer, a full make-up case, a few packs of smashed up crackers and 300 receipts?  No?  Am I the only one with toy trucks or army men in my bag at any given time?  I exaggerate, sort of, but you get the idea. :)

I try to clean my purses and bags out regularly (does dumping the contents out on the dining room table while I am flying out the door count as "cleaning"?) , but it seems I am always on the go and, well, I tend to just throw what I need in my bag.  Especially now that my son is 3, I don't really have a need for a diaper bag when he and I go out, so I just toss his items in my purse.

Much to my disadvantage, I am also one of those women who never zips or snaps her purse shut, I am just too lazy to do it every.time. Besides, how can you when it's stuffed full of necessities?! :)  The outside may be cute, but on the inside all I see is clutter and non-prettiness.  (How do you like that word, Mr. Webster?!)  Not to mention anyone can look in there and see what I've got stashed. 

So, I thought and I thought...  "how can a girl pretty up the inside of her purse while keeping the organized mess inside?".  Then it hit me. 


Yes, a scarf!  We all have 'em.  I love scarves and have one in nearly every color.  I just stuff one (preferably one that is fuller) into the top of my bag and voila!  Sort of like stuffing pretty tissue paper into a gift bag, right?  Perfect for accessorizing my purse.  I can change it up to coordinate with my outfit.  It looks pretty and, best of all, it keeps the contents of my bag hidden.  When I need something I just move it aside and grab, then fluff it back up.  Win. Win.  Win.


What do you do to pretty up the clutter in your purses and hand bags?  Do you prefer a big or small purse?


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