Friday, March 16, 2012

Entry Way: Rug and Plans

Friday, March 16, 2012

Have I mentioned before we have exactly $0 in our budget for any home improvements and decor?  No?  Oh.  Well, we have $0 in our budget for home improvements and decor.  That includes items for my poor, sad entry way.

This is what I am dealing with, people:

Okay so the picture above was actually taken several years ago when we moved in. Currently all of our shoes are scattered in front of the door, the coat rack is busted and has about 10 coats on it. My purse lays on the floor, as does 90% of everything we bring into the house. 

So anyway, I have a long list of things I want to do with this space. One of those things is paint but to paint the entry way we have to paint nearly the entire house since it's all connected. That will happen (oh yes, it will, and all the trim too! BWAHAHA!) but not for a while. So for now, I am going to stick to organizing and accessorizing.

I have been scouring the internet for rugs for some time now and, as we all know, there are so many gorgeous ones out there! Some are incredibly expensive (most of the ones I like are anyways, why is that?), and others are pretty affordable. Well folks, "affordable" is still out of my budget.

I found (or as I like to type in my browser window) simply has the best options for someone like me who wants to spend around about nothing. 

It's a pretty long hallway/entry so I will need multiple rugs, and I have a plan for the square-ish space by the front door. But for now I am focusing on the runner that will be centered along the hallway.

I wanted an indoor/outdoor rug because this area in our home has a ton of traffic, the rug must be durable. It rains a lot here where we live, and our shoes are usually sopping wet when we enter the house. But I didn't want a typical outdoor rug that had no personality. It had to be something different and geometric yet neutral. Something not stark white so dirt wouldn't show easily. In other words, I am not at all picky.

I found this guy and me likey:

Poolside Grey/Bone Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Original price tag was not bad at $38.99 but it was on sale for $33.14 (15 % off). 

Like most of you, before I make any purchase online I always check for coupons.  My favorite coupon site, RetailMeNot, had a link to a 7% off coupon for new customers.  Technically I have ordered from oh-dot-co before but never from my Mrs. B's Hive email address, so after I registered again I kinda sorta was "new".  Okay maybe not, but shhhh, don't tell on me.

So after the sale and my coupon + shipping my grand total was $33.77.

heck to the yeah

 So even though I went $33.77 over budget, I still think it's worth it. 

I can't wait to get this rug paired with this shoe cabinet:

HEMNES Shoe Cabinet from Ikea

While I was out of town not only did I pick up the shoe cabinet, I also found (at a different store) crystal based table lamps that look similar to this one from Target:

Crystal Table Lamp with White Shade

Only mine weren't $55.99 each.  They weren't even $20.00 each.  Mine were.... drumroll please....  $37.98 for TWO.  $18.99 a piece for base and lamp shade.  Can I get an amen?  I found 2 left at Ross and scooped them up so fast.  As I was checking out a lot of ladies were all "oh I love those lamps!" "I want those lamps!" and I just laughed because they were mine. both of them. mine. no mah left fo you. Love that rush!

My to do list for the entry way:

  • New runner rug
  • Shoe cabinet
  • New lamp
  • Tall board and batten with coat hooks
  • New mirror
  • Artwork
  • Paint - haha.

MIA! What I've been up to...

Oh my word, you guys.  I am so sorry to leave you all hangin'!  I was super sick, I actually think I had "the plague", seriously!  I am feeling so much better now but I was out for the count for a while.  Then, I was of town for a few days visiting family and watching my pretend boyfriend, Blake Shelton, perform at a concert at the Rose Quarter. Oh heck yeah! 

Things have been so crazy around here this week too... we had a freak snow storm here on the Oregon Coast.  I heard on the news it hadn't snowed this much since 1951.  Crazy!  But so fun.  We only had about 3 inches of snow at our house, but other areas were hit harder.  All schools were closed and I was stuck in my driveway.  I can hear you snow bunnies groaning now, lol.

While I was out of town I was able to make my first trip to IKEA! (I know, how sad is that?!  But it is 2 hours away from where I live. Boo.)  I have to be honest here, I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea now.  I love the stuff they have and their prices of course, but I went alone and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I walked in and I may have become very crabby and overwhelmed. Especially when I got to the register and the friendly (and by friendly I mean wickedly cranky) lady told me I only had box #2, and I needed to go get box #1... which "would be a whole lot bigger than box #2".  Sigh. When I hiked back to Aisle 22/Bin 41 it was then I noticed the fluorescent yellow signs stating "HEY STUPID! YEAH, YOU! THERE ARE TWO BOXES! ONE. TWO.  2 BOXES. HEHEHE YOU DIDN'T SEE ME! PEEK-A-BOO! LOL! TWO BOXES!".  I also may have almost cried when I couldn't get my humungo trolly cart to fit through the line to get a cinnamon roll. Wah. BUT, Five hours after I entered through the doors of the Ikea I had this baby loaded up in my car:

Ikea HEMNES Shoe Cabinet ($139)

She is a beaut.  This will be in my entry way soon.  Of course, for now, it is in a box in my car.  But soon I will get the entry way makeover I have been dreaming about!

I have some small project posts coming up, like a spray painted bathroom table and an Easter wreath.  I just need to get some good pictures. 

The Office re-do is slooooooooooow going, nothing exciting to report yet. 

I'll be back very soon with some good stuff, promise! (crossies don't count.)  What have you been up to?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hive Five Linky Party! {March 2012}

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello and welcome to our very first Hive Five Linky Party!  Beginning March 5th, 2012 and on the 5th of each month thereafter, I will host a linky party for you to share your projects.

The Details:  This party will be open from March 5th, 2012 to March 30th, 2012!  On April 1st I will post a feature on my very favorite project that was linked by one of you!  April 5th will be our next Linky Party.

What Can Be Linked:  Projects related to home decor and design, crafting, room reveals and updates, recipes, any project you are proud of!

What Cannot Be Linked:  Shops, items for sale, spam, offensive or inappropriate links.

How Many Links Can I Add?  You can link to as many different projects as you would like.  Just remember: Do not link the same project more than once in the same linky party.  Please be courteous and only post your best or favorite projects.  Please do not re-post the same project multiple months in a row, unless it is an update or reveal.

Please put a link back to me on each post you link up to, so that others can find us and share their awesomeness!  
You can use a text link (back to or this button:

Alright, everyone, get your link on!  And don't forget to pay a visit to your fellow linkies to give them a "HiveFive" for their hard work! ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY Nailhead Trim Tools

Thursday, March 1, 2012
I think it's safe to say that most of us have been obsessing over nailhead trim for a while now.  I think it adds the perfect touch to a piece, don't you?

I especially love nailhead trim on headboards.  This one, from Ballard Designs, is one of my favorites:


Here it is up close.  See the multi-colored nails?  Love.


I don't love the price though.  I have scoured the internet on a search for an inexpensive headboard with nailhead trim and I can't find one in my budget.  

In the future, I am going to attempt to DIM (do it myself, ha!).  I have read lots of tutorials about how difficult it can be to do nailhead trim.  I have read it is a challenge to get the nails lined up perfectly and keep them straight.

I flashed back to a 1980's mustard yellow wing-backed chair my grandparents had (that may or may not be slip-covered and sitting in my office right now. sigh.) and remembered when the nailhead trim started coming off it came off in one big string... it wasn't really nails.  So I thought to myself, there MUST be faux nailhead by the yard out there.  There simply has to be.  So I started doing some research and found some awesome stuff.

I may be the only person in the world who didn't know about this stuff, sorry if you already know all about these.  A day late and a dollar short, that's me! :)

My search lead me to this product first: "Decorative Nailhead Trim" BY THE YARD.  It comes in a strand with real nails you put into pre-drilled holes.  Sweet.  I could see using different nails to re-create the two-tone look in the Ballard headboard.




Then, at a different site, I found this bad boy:


The Quick Nailer!  You can set up to five nails head to head at one time with this guy. 

There is also the Flexible Curve Ease (Invisible Curved Edges):


This continuous strip invisible fastener gives a firm, smooth tailored line around even the most radical curves without hand sewing. It bends and flexes in all directions and can be used for straight applications. It holds the fabric smoother than hand sewing.  -- Source

Want a Nailhead trim kit?  They exist! Here's some, for example.

Don't forget your upholstery hammer:


One side is magnetic, for placement of nails.  The other is for hammering.  They also have some with Nylon tips, so it doesn't destroy ornamental tacks.

I am a little overwhelmed, but I think we will still give it a try at some point.  Have you ever done DIY nailhead trim?  Did you use any of these products?
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