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Our home, before we moved in (2007)
Our home was built in 2007.  It is small, coming in at about 1250 sq. ft. (garage is an additional 750 sq. ft.)  We purchased it new in 2007 and immediately began trying for a family.  That journey to our son was quite a long one, filled with all sorts of adventures.  Our focuses were elsewhere, so our little home has been ignored.   I am on a mission to get rid of this case of "builder beige blues" and get this place whipped into shape!  Of course, time and money are always a factor, so it can be pretty slow going around here. :)

I have included some pics below of the house a long, long time ago.  Trust me when I say it's different now, just think lots more brown (brown curtains, brown rugs, etc...sigh.) and a lot more toys. :)


Big Boy Room:
Click on picture to read about the Big Boy Room!
Re-do completed(ish) December 2011.

Kitchen:  Update Coming soon!
Kitchen, before we moved in. (2007)

Living Room:   Update Coming soon!
Living room right after we moved in.  (2007)

Entry Way:   Update Coming soon!
Entry way, right after we moved in.  (2007)

Dining Room:  Update Coming soon!

Office:   Update Coming soon!

Master Bedroom:   Update Coming soon!

Laundry Area:   Update Coming soon!

Bathroom #1:   Update Coming soon!

Bathroom #2:   Update Coming soon!

Yard:   Update Coming soon!

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